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Flexible-mobile job security coaching Measure:962/33/24

Coaching according to § 45 sentence 5 SGB III

We offer you support in stabilizing your employment.

Have you been out of the workforce for some time and want to take this step again? Are you unsure about the routines of an office/workshop/practice? Do you need an external contact outside of the new company to clarify any uncertainties?

We offer you the opportunity to clear up any ambiguities and concentrate on your new life's task according to your ideas, either directly on site or at our facility, or in special cases by telephone or online coaching.

You can rely on a permanent contact person for the first 6 months, who will be there to help and advise you. Our target group are people who have just started a job and are having difficulties getting started or are struggling with negative conditions and job requirements now and/or in the past.

Length of time

max. 60 UE in max. 6 months

Appointments are offered on-site / accompanying / on-site


The coaching is completely free for you! You ask your employment agent/case manager at the job center or the employment agency for an AVGS 05

If you need help with the application, please feel free to contact us.

Would you prefer coaching in your native language? You can currently choose from 20 languages. Please contact us and we will clarify the details. Thank you.

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