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flexible-mobile individual coaching Measure:962/114/20

Coaching according to § 45 sentence 1 SGB III

Personal worries and/or problems often get in the way of concentrating on the path to work. Often you are very involved and sometimes lose your head... we offer you coaching to help you get to grips with the training and job market and to identify, reduce or eliminate obstacles to placement. The topic of "work" is also addressed, but the inhibiting framework conditions receive equal attention. We can offer you opportunities in the following areas, among others:

  • Teaching relevant soft skills

  • Structuring everyday life

  • Interest and competence analysis

  • Career orientation / goal development

  • Support in the areas of:

  • Apartment

  • Health

  • Finance

  • Language barriers

  • Authorities and institutions

  • Family and childcare

Length of time

max. 32 UE in max. 8 weeks


The coaching is completely free for you! You ask your employment agent/case manager at the job center or the employment agency for an AVGS01

If you need help with the application, please feel free to contact us.

Would you prefer coaching in your native language? You can currently choose from 20 languages. Please contact us and we will clarify the details. Thank you.

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