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flexible-mobile social coaching measure:962/5009/24

Coaching according to § 16k SGB II

Sozialcoaching pur

If you are so stressed that you can't even think about working, then pure social coaching is something for you. The focus here is completely on the social integration area with no connection to work. You will find support here as an individual with your individual problems/worries with the help of coaching and referral advice (if necessary). The areas that we can cover (you determine the focus) are as follows:

  • Coping with chaos

  • Housing problems / homelessness

  • Finance / Debt

  • Health (body)

  • Health (Psyche)

  • Health (addiction)

  • Language barriers / illiteracy

  • Authorities, offices, institutions

  • Family and care for children and relatives

  • Bad experiences / Help in crises

  • Support with community of need

Length of time

max. 60 UE in max. 6 months

Appointments are offered on-site / accompanying / on-site


The coaching is completely free for you! You ask your employment agent/case manager at the job center or the employment agency for a voucher for holistic support

If you need help with the application, please feel free to contact us.

Would you prefer coaching in your native language? You can currently choose from 20 languages. Please contact us and we will clarify the details. Thank you.

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